We can dramatically reduce the sample preparation steps and time for enrichment of DNA for PCR and Sequencing analysis.

Our patented AC Electrokinetic technology can be embodied in a lab-on-chip (LOC) design as a front-end to PCR and Sequencing analysis. Using our system, it is possible to extract and lyse cells using an electric current, then preferentially isolate the needed sized DNA for secondary analysis in a matter of minutes vs. hours for competing solutions. More >

TEDxSD Cause/Affect.

Dr. Raj Krishnan's TEDxSD talk is now live on YouTube. View Video >

We have developed a technology to extract nanoparticles in bodily fluids combining dielectrophoresis, electrothermal, and electroosmotic phenomena (collectively AC Electrokinetics).

The Biological Dynamics AC Electrokinetic (ACE) implementation rapidly isolates (<15 min) and quantifies a variety of nanoparticles in bodily fluids without sample pretreatment. More >

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the early detection, diagnosis and treatment monitoring of cancer through cost effective, non-invasive tests that detect cell free Nucleic Acids.

Our patented AC Electrokinetic technology can directly isolate and quantify CF Circulating Nucleic Acids in bodily fluids. We can preferentially extract a variety of nanoparticles, including CFC DNA greater than 500 base pairs (bp). This threshold allows enrichment of CFC DNA from tumor-associated necrosis relative to normal apoptotic events without sample pretreatment. More >

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TEDxSD Cause/Affect

Dr. Raj Krishnan spoke at TEDxSD on December 1st, 2012 at the Dr. Irwin Jacobs auditorium at Qualcomm. More >

Dielectrophoretic isolation of DNA and nanoparticles from blood

The ability to effectively detect disease-related DNA biomarkers and drug delivery nanoparticles directly in blood is a major challenge for viable diagnostics and therapy monitoring. A DEP method has been developed which allows the rapid isolation, concentration and detection of … More >


30 Under 30: Science

The daughter of two string theorists, Daniela Witten says she didn’t go into the family business because she “wasn’t smart enough.” More >

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